I was stoked to be asked once again by Euro Tripper Promotions to create their show shirt for their next event in Febuary 2015 over in Florida - Euro Tripper 3.

Like Euro Tripper 2, proceeds will go towards benefitting Brookes Legacy Animal Rescue which makes this project even more awesome to be a part of. 

Shirts are only available at the event itself so get yourselves there to grab one.

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Heres the final piece of a very exciting project I have been working on with 「euro magic 」 /  Voomeran.

I was stoked when asked to redesign their logo and to draw their VW mk2 and mk3 Golfs. Both cars have been making an impact with their Voomeran kits rolling on Rotiform SNAs and WORK Wheels Japan Glow Star Wheels.

It’s always awesome drawing cars that are are totally different to everything else out there right now, and in true Euro Magic style I was asked to include a samurai and a ninja behind the wheels resulting in one of my favourite projects in a long time.

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Stoked to show everyone the final Driftworks DW86 piece.

It was an honour to be commissioned to draw such an inspirational car from some of the biggest guys in the game, with an outstanding build and huge following the pressure was on. I’m pleased with the outcome and feel I’ve done it justice!

There was a lot to think about on this piece trying to maintain all the distinctive details without being too busy but the colours helped to achieve this.

One of my favourite projects of 2014 and I’m so hyped to see this on tees! Tees are available for pre-order now over at www.driftworks.com

There are plans to work further with Driftworks so expect to see more in the near future!

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Here’s the final Wheel_WhoresEdition 38 show shirt.

It’s been awesome working towards something a bit different from what I normally produce with minimal colour and a cleaner layout. The detail on this one was intense and a piece I’m stoked on.

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Here’s the final piece of the Lupo I drew for a private commission.

Its been a nice little project having a bit more freedom with a higher colour count, everyone loves a rad Lupo!

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Here is the finished article for the Wheel Whores official MIVW event show shirt. Being given this task by Wheel Whores was an honour and something which I’m proud to have been part of.

Drawing Emiel’s Mk3 was a pleasure and was an overall great project to work on, it was great to draw this beautiful MK3 on equally beautiful Rotiform Monolook DIA’s.

Hand drawn type is something I’m developing so its great to have the opportunity to put it into practice. I can’t wait to see these printed.

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Here is the finished piece of the BMW e30 I have been working on for Russ aka Reverend59fifty.

He approached me a while back asking for a simple drawing of his beloved e30 on banded steels, whilst also adding in a character of himself and his awesome pomeranian Miyoko!

I had the pleasure of meeting Russ at Ultimate Dubs earlier in the year and I instantly picked up on his super happy vibe which I hope comes across in the drawing.

Its been a rad project to work on with this one being more than just about the car, but also the owner too.

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