Those who attended Ultimate Dubs may have spotted the flyer I produced for the upcoming show, Ultimate Stance.

The show commences in November at the Telford International Centre. Featuring the Wheel Whores
show, and open for all makes and models focusing on fitment alone, it’s set to be a big one!

I love drawing wheels and featuring one of my favourite, the Meister S1 by Work Wheels Japan
, this was a great project to work on.


The Temptress is the latest design to be released in the LikeHell tee range. Its been a concept thats been in my mind for a while, and which I managed to put down in between other clients projects. A piece I’m certainly proud of and totally stoked to see people wearing.

Available in tee form at the LikeHell store WWW.LIKEHELL.BIGCARTEL.COM


Heres the final piece I completed for SS Autowerks of their now dead shark-mouth BMW E39 - R.I.P available on shirts in the near future.

What a project to work on. The brief was quite simply insane, and this is the toned down version! It has been one of the best pieces I’ve been involved with, with one of the best clients. Just a full on gore-fest with no f*cks given and I looking forward to working with these maniacs again in the future!


I was asked by the guys at Wheel Whores to produce this years Ultimate Dubs UK 2014 show shirt with a superhero theme in mind. It was a challenge involving various elements and a high level detail and I’m pleased how it turned out.
I’m stoked to have been involved with this project, as always its a pleasure to work with Wheel-Whores.

To buy a tee head over to
Numbers are limited so be quick!


My sister recently opened her barber shop in Watlington and asked me to produce a poster for her shop front with a brief to create something with a ‘victorian gents’ feel whilst keeping it modern. It was a fun, refreshing project to take on.
I recommend everyone take a visit and get trimmed up, shes proper nice and does all styles from short to long, and cut-throat shaves too.

OX49 5PS



I’ve seen Whips & Chocolate grow right from the beginning into the huge success it is today, so I was stoked to be given the opportunity to create a tee for them. This has been one of my most challenging pieces to date working out of my comfort zone creating a textured, single colour design.

The tee is now available for pre-order at

All artwork rights belong to Whips & Chocolate


Wheel-Whores recently held a competition to produce a design for their t5 van livery, and I’m stoked to announce my entry is one of three designs being used throughout next year’s show season.

I had a lot of fun with this piece and I’m real happy with the outcome.

And as a result, LikeHell is now an official contributing artist for Wheel-Whores, so expect to see more designs from them featuring my work in the future!